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ANNE VILSBØLL is a Danish painter and author. She studied French and Art History, became a professor, learnt papermaking at colleges of art in USA and has for more than 30 years continuously enlarged her knowledge of handmade paper as an artistic means of expression in the Far East: Japan, China, the Philippines, Burma, Nepal, Thailand, India, Australia, Africa, North and South America and Europe. She has published several articles and books (Borgen Publisher, DK) on the subject. She is a lecturer and a visiting professor at art and design schools in Scandinavia and in Europe and served as an editor and president for Iapma, International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists, 1986 – 2000. Anne Vilsbøll organized the project Paper Road for Copenhagen European Cultural Capital 1996, supported by Post Denmark, where artists from many parts of the world showed their work in galleries and museums throughout Denmark. In 2001 she was the curator for the exhibition Paper Revisioned for the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad.

In 2000 Anne Vilsbøll went to India to collaborate with Indian miniature painters. Since then she has collaborated with Indian artists on a variety of projects, a.o. as co-concept director on the Tagore project Sindhupare 2011-12,( article Making a door in Visual Arts Journal 2013 on Cross- Culture: Special Reference to Rabindranath Tagore and The Best of the Visual Arts Gallery Journal, published by Penguin Random House,2015). Anne Vilsbøll currently works on the theme: A Metaphysical Approach to Paper – in her own artwork, in the form of articles and as Prezi lectures and as curator on kozo contemporary 2016, which will show at the Papermuseum in Fabriano, Italy.

Since 2013 Makanne organizes Art as Dialogues seminars. Her own artwork exhibits at museums and galleries internationally. She has worked on several commissions, among others the Foreign Ministry, Copenhagen, The School of Veterany, Danisco, the Church Skæring, Aarhus, Odense University and Hospital, Vingsted Centre, The Music – and Theatre House, Silkeborg, The Foyer of the Stadion, Viborg, Rolex IV,V and VI and Chatelain, Switzerland,the ship “Maersk Delft”, Norfolkline, sailing between Dunkerque and Dover.

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